Relations with suppliers are handled with impartiality, correctness and openness to competition.
Code of ethics, article 2 – Conduct of business activity management

The SOL Group implements a supply policy that guarantees to all potential suppliers equal opportunity to propose their products and services and that relationships with them are managed with the criteria of impartiality, correctness and openness to competition.


In choosing its partners for the supply of goods and services that are critical for safety, quality and the environment, the SOL Group applies a qualification process that involves verifying the possession of the requirements demanded by company procedures.

The possession of these requirements is verified objectively through the compilation of special questionnaires and, when felt necessary, the carrying out of audits on supplier premises.

Suppliers are asked to familiarise themselves with the Group Code of ethics and safety and environmental policies and to apply them in carrying out their activities.

Responsible management of the Group is interpreted both through constant attention to cost optimisation, which also means purchasing efficiency, and through the safeguarding of local interests and the maintenance of equitable and correct relationships with suppliers, aimed at creating value in the long term.