SOL attaches the maximum importance to those who work within the Group, contributing directly to the development of the company
Code of Ethics, article 4 – Personnel policies

Transparency, loyalty, impartiality, honesty, integrity, a continual commitment to quality, continual improvement of safety and respect for the environment are fundamental values that the SOL Group wishes to find and constantly encourage in all its employees.


To operate responsibly, respecting the environment and safeguarding health and safety, it is indispensable to involve all personnel.

For this reason the SOL Group favours free communication at all levels, regardless of hierarchical relationships.

Frequent meetings between headquarters management and operational personnel, the maintenance and continual enrichment of the company Intranet and publication of the company magazine “SOL News” are all instruments designed to exchange information and experiences, and their aims include the spreading of greater ecological awareness and more responsible conduct, at the same time receiving observations and suggestions.

It is above all through human resources that the SOL Group is able to develop and improve its performance.

All SOL Group employees, whatever their roles and with whatever type of contract they operate within the Group, are responsible for the objectives entrusted to them and must thus have the possibility, within the limits of their responsibility and with respect for the organisation, of taking decisions and working with a high degree of autonomy, in a strong relation of trust with the company.