The ability to realise that our customers’ problems are our problems; complete satisfaction of their requirements; a commitment to work together on single objectives to reach the most advanced results. These have always been the goals that SOL pursues in managing customer relationships.
Code of Ethics, article 2 - Conduct in managing business activities

A qualifying element in the activities of the SOL Group in all the sectors where it operates is the satisfaction of customer requirements, not only with the punctual supply of specified products but also and above all with assistance in identifying the best conditions and methods of use of the gases and apparatus supplied.


Given the growing sensitivity of customers to environmental and safety matters, SOL has invested in the identification and development of technologies which, during usage of the products supplied, permit an improvement of working conditions, reducing for example atmospheric emissions or making water purifying processes more efficient.

In addition, our customers increasingly often ask us to demonstrate the implementation of a management system, in particular for quality and the environment, sending questionnaires and carrying out audits in our production Units.

The rapid response to these requests that SOL habitually gives is a further qualifying element for customers.