The SOL Group actively participates in the work of the associations which group together companies from the technical and medical gas sector in Italy and in various European countries.


SOL Group experts sit on various working groups within these associations, contributing to the sharing of technical knowledge and the formulation and updating of sector standards.

International Oxygen Manufacturers Association (IOMA)

SOL Spa is a member of the IOMA, which includes all the world’s main operators in the technical and medical gases sector.

European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA)

In addition to SOL Spa, members of EIGA, which includes all the main European operators in the technical and medicinal gases sector, are also Group companies SOL Nederland, BTG, SOL Deutschland and Vivisol Austria.

During 2016 the SOL Group has further increased its involvement with associations and today has its own representatives on the Board of EIGA, in the four Councils, in 12 working groups and in 14 ad hoc Groups, contributing to the definition of standards and best practices in the sector.

National category associations

Among the national Associations of which Group companies are members we mention:

Industry and chemical and pharmaceutical industry associations: Confindustria, Assolombarda and Federchimica (Italy), UIC (France), Essenscia, Febeliec and (Belgium), Spectaris, VCI and BVMW (Germany), HACI (Greece), UGIR (Romania), CIA (Republic of Macedonia)

Technical gases industry associations: Assogastecnici (Italy - SOL Spa), IGV (Germany - SOL Deutschland and SOL Kohlensaure), ÖIGV (Austria - SOLTG), VFIG (Netherlands - SOL Nederland), BIMGA (Belgium - BTG), AFGC and APHARGAZ (France - SOL France), HAIMG (Greece - SOL Hellas), GIZ TP (Slovenia – TPJ), BCGA (United Kingdom – Dolby Vivisol), BIGA (Bulgaria – SOL BG), AIIGMA (India - SicgilSOL), AMGIM (Marocco - Flosit)

Associations for biotechnology development: Assobiotec (Italy - Biotechsol)

Associations of home care sector operators: HCP (Austria - Vivisol A); Deutschen SauerstoffLiga LOT and QVH (Germany - Vivisol D); FHI (Netherlands – Vivisol Nederland); SYNALAM and FFAIR (France – Vivisol F), Assobiomedica (Italy - Vivisol)

Other associations: Unamec “Association of producers, importers and distributors of medical devices” (Belgium - Vivisol Belgio); ARTP “Association of Respiratory Technology and Physiology” (United Kingdom – Dolby Vivisol)

Group companies are part of prestige associations, with their own representatives who, in many cases, hold positions of responsibility in governing Councils:

FBN – Family Business Network, includes more than 6.000 companies from 56 countries and has the aim of helping family companies to grow, succeed and prosper through the exchange of new ideas and “best practices”

AIDAF – Associazione Italiana Delle Aziende Familiari, which includes Italian family companies that shared the guide values of business ethics, meritocracy, social responsibility and sustainability

Aspen Institute Italia which promotes and encourages the development of enlightened leadership that is open to dialogue and able to face the challenges of a global society

ISPI – Istituto Studi di Politica Internazionale, one of the most ancient and prestige Italian institutions specialising in international activities which, among other things, constitute a point of reference for companies and institutions intending to extend their range of action abroad, offering materials and ad hoc encounters