The safeguarding of the health and safety of its human resources are basic and indispensable values for the SOL Group. These are based on an ethical vision of work that directs the daily action of all Group companies.



The importance of the subject led to the creation back in 2005, as part of central Quality, Safety and Environmental Management, of a specific function serving all the companies in the Group, that has the job of handling all activities safeguarding:


  • people: health, accident prevention and workplace hygiene;
  • company property: fire prevention, plant safety and environmental hygiene;
  • administrative company responsibility pursuant to Italian D.Lgs 213/01: company management system for health and safety, in accordance with BS OHSAS 18001.

Training and awareness

Workforce training plays a fundamental role in the correct application of the company Management System.

All employees are thus involved in constant awareness and training activity aimed at avoiding or at least minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and ensuring a high level of safety.

The training needs of individual Units are determined annually by their managers and take concrete form in customised training programmes for personnel of all levels.

Injury rates

The trend in injury rates shown below shows that the entire organisation is constantly engaged in respecting good company practices, as laid down by the Management System. Indici infortunistici

“Zero accidents” objective

Retaining the “Zero accidents” objective is the challenge that each Unit of the SOL Group sets itself each year, almost always with success, thanks to the commitment of the entire workforce.

Worker health

All personnel potentially exposed to health risks are given medical checks, as laid down by law in the various countries and at intervals fixed by the doctor involved.